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Welcome to the Sustainability Forum Sofia in April 2022

The forum, organized by us is aiming to bring local and international experts, financial institutions and business together to promote the sustainable urban development among the local and international stakeholders.

We will deliver expertise and good practices in the field of sustainable planning and construction as well as ways and possibilities to finance such projects. Our council is a party in the Making city project, a part of which is now implemented in the city of Vidin – a positive energy neighbourhood. We believe this will become a good example and will lead other local municipalities to acknowledge the urgent necessity to change the way our cities are planned and build and will drive our community to urge to green cities and circular economy.

If you wish to become a part of our forum and to share your expertise, products and views on sustainable cities, buildings and financing, please accept our invitation and familiarize yourself with the draft programme and sponsorship opportunities attached hereto!

We hope to see you among our community!

Let's start the way towards the Green deal goals together!

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