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The Bulgarian Green Building Council (BGBC) is a non-profit organization with a mission to transform the built environment by changing the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated. A member of the World Green Building Council, a world-wide network of organizations,  working together to build awareness in the public sector, build capacity through professional education, engage business to measure sustainability in the supply chain and product manufacturing, and aid government in developing sustainable policies.

BGBC serves as a central knowledge sharing platform for the construction and development market in Bulgaria. The organization offers comprehensive expertise in sustainable construction and the urban planning sector and is responsible for the implementation of internationally recognized certification systems for buildings and urban districts, and offering professional accreditation trainings for green building consultants and auditors. Our members represent various market sectors which work together to create a sustainable economy, a cleaner environment and a strong community for future generations.

New European Bauhaus - our council became an official partner of the New European Bauhaus and as such we act in the role of ambassadors for a sustainable, beautiful and inclusive environment to bring a better future together. The New European Bauhaus initiative is created to implement the ideas of the Green and move us all towards our green and sustainable Europe! We represent a hub of ideas, a growing community of NGO's, scientists, associations and other stakeholders, united around the aim to live the soul of the Green deal all around us - our living spaces and experiences.

To promote the importance of the use of sustainable techniques in the design, construction and operation of buildings and urban areas in order to achieve a sustainable living environment with a minimal impact on the surroundings.

To raise social awareness through education and encouragement of the creation of clean and healthy living spaces.

To support and encourage the development and implementation of such methods.

To promote its activities and achievements in various forums in order to solidify the development of sustainable construction industry in Bulgaria, a valuable member of the European union.

To catalyse the development and implementation of sustainable practices through direct education and marketing to industry professionals such as architects, investors, and all other participants in construction and regional development both on a local and national scales.


To support and cooperate with all governmental and non-governmental organisations in the creation of an adequate legislature to guarantee a sustainable built-up environment in the future.

To maintain a EU standard of quality in all of its programs.

To take active participation in the creation and implementation of a single certification system in Bulgaria for efficient buildings, based on the current German certification system.

To train professionals for all steps of the certification process.


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