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Why become a member?





  • Leading role in the evolution of the building industry in the country and worldwide

  • Contacts with established national and international companies, engaged with sustainability

  • Contacts with potential new clients

  • Association with the global network of organizations of the World Green Building Council, which works for the creation of a build environment that is socially, economically and environmentally responsible

  • Partnership with BGBC and the government for the editing and the creation of policy frameworks, consistent with the current practices for sustainable development

  • Building up the skills of your employees through our courses related to sustainable development

  • All benefits and resources can be used by all employees of your organization or company

  • Organizing and delivering joint training courses on various topics related to sustainability and buildings

  • Participation in the working groups and committees of BGBC

  • Specialized literature and information sources, accessible only by BGBC members, including recordings from past conferences, seminars and others

  • Market value added (MVA)

  • An increase in profits 
    in the long-term sustainable projects and a decrease of your costs with the introduction of sustainable practices in your day-to-day work

  • Access to new market sectors

  • Preferential prices for certifications of existing and new buildings and urban environments for tools administrated by BGBC

  • Preferential prices for events, conferences and professional development courses organized by BGBC

  • Preferential prices for participation in various expos, forums and events.




  • Benefit form an active transfer of know-how from the large knowledge base of our members & partners

  • Access to cutting edge information & newest tendencies in the sector, shared directly from the WGBC and the European Regional Network

  • Receive current information on European regulations and directives, EU projects and initiatives, related to sustainable development and building

  • Information on potential legislative changes and amendments of regulations before their official

  • A newsletter with information on national and international news and initiatives of BGBC and our members

  • Declare a position, engagement and pro-activity for the realization of innovative ideas

  • Give a clear message about your active Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Improve the reputation of your organization in the community and in the business sector

  • Build up trust to your organization

  • Become a part of a professional network that connects the leaders in the sustainability sector

  • Our members can become a part of the Board of Directors of BGBC and the Management Board of the World Green Building Organization

  • A certificate of membership

  • Inclusion of our members and their services or products in The Green Guide

  • Using the BGBC network as a platform for information about your sustainable services and projects

  • Cross-reference to your organizational website and a pen profile of your organization on the BGBC website

  • Using the BGBC and WGBC logos on your website and advertising materials

  • Special opportunities for sponsorship to promote your activities to a wider audience


Get our Application Form from here:

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