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BGBC participated in the Energy for Green Future Conference, organized by the Ministry of Energy of Bulgaria

25 -26 April 2023


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We were invited to participate in the "Energy for a Green Future“ conference, organized by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The event took place on the 25th and 26th of April 2023 at the Sofia Event Centre and  was opened with an official welcome address by the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rumen Radev, followed by a speech of the Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov.

The programme included ministerial and institutional panels, corporate presentations, discussions on modern development of networks and systems in the energy sector, current issues of transport electrification and innovations in energy storage, energy saving issues, energy efficiency and energy management, geothermal energy utilization, etc.

The discussions included representatives of the government, energy companies, municipalities, institutes and universities, international and Bulgarian financial institutions and diplomats among which: Mr. V. Popescu, Minister of Energy of Romania, Mr. K.Hirman, Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic, Mr. P. Shahbazov, Minister of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. A. Bayraktar, Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Republic of Türkiye, I.M. Plank, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. J. Meyer, Ambassador of the Republic of France, EBRD and EEB representatives.

The business was represented by the following companies: EVN, Electrohold, Microsoft, Siemens, Aurubis, Solvay Sodi, Karcher, Shell, BSD, Veolia and many more who showed to the audience that many different kind of industries strive and succeed to achieve production cycles with significant emissions reductions, their own RES energy sources and innovative circular production cycles.

Our Board member, arch. Alexander Daw presented an overview of the most efficient ways to achieve both green construction and green urban environment and reduce emissions from the buildings and the cities on the 26th of April in panel 2 “Energy savings”, moderated by Mr. Ivaylo Alexiev, Director (Sustainable Energy Development Agency). Besides arch. Daw, another BGBC member organization was invited to participate in the event: the Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster, represented by its Chairperson - Mr. Iliya Levkov.


Our team is thankful to the Ministry of Energy of the republic of Bulgaria for being invited to participate in this high profile event and to become part of this amazing group of influential experts whose careers are dedicated to achieve the Green deal goals and work for a climate resilient future.


”There must be deeper understanding about sustainable construction inclusive of life cycle assessment of the used materials and the building itself”.

Arch. Alexander Daw

Board member, Bulgarian Green Building Council

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