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Intelligent automation for projects of all kinds

Comfort | Safety | Energy-efficient


Iduacom Ltd established in 2017 is a full subsidiary of Iduacom GmbH Germany. The company operates in the field of building automation etc. Smart Houses. Since its founding in 2015 it has successfully operated in projects of all sizes in Germany, Spain, Bulgaria and Greece. It offers highly professional automation solutions from apartments to business and medical buildings, hotels and factories by planning, installing, programming and maintaining the smart systems.


The company's vision to offer uncompromising quality and high standard brought us to a partnership with Loxone from Austria. At the heart of the smart solutions on offer are the electrical components and the powerful software from Loxone. Perfectly coordinated and corresponding with each other make the integration of a complete perfectly working system possible. All electronic products used are manufactured in the EU and not in the Far East.


An important goal of our solutions is to make a significant contribution to environmental and climate protection through efficient and comprehensive energy management in the buildings we automate, identifying and exploiting the potential for energy savings in line with the European Green Deal. But it's not just the environment that is protected - energy costs can also be significantly reduced through greater energy efficiency.

Building automation enables precise control and optimisation of energy consumption in buildings, resulting in significant cost reductions and greater efficiency. Energy consumption is monitored in real time to ensure that no energy is wasted and that buildings are operated as efficiently as possible.


Based in the city of Varna, Iduacom is developing and working with a mission to make it possible for more people to change their lives inhabiting a smart home and work environment.

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Membership Program


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