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EDGE introduction
World Green Building Week 
27 September 2018


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An innovation of IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, EDGE (“Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”) provides market leaders with the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by differentiating their products and adding value to the lives of their customers. EDGE brings speed, market intelligence and an investment focus to the next generation of green building certification in more than 170 countries. IFC created EDGE to respond to the need for a measurable and credible solution to prove the business case for building green and unlock financial investment. EDGE includes a cloud-based platform to calculate the cost of going green and utility savings. The state-of-the-art engine has a sophisticated set of city-based climate and cost data, consumption patterns and algorithms for predicting the most accurate performance results.

Launched in July of 2014, EDGE received start-up funding from SECO (Switzerland’s State Secretariat of Economic Affairs), and is currently funded by the UK Government. Additional donors include Austria, Canada, Denmark, ESMAP, EU, Finland, GEF, Hungary, and Japan.

A global network of certifiers and accredited EDGE Experts support the collective ambition to mainstream green buildings and help fight climate change.

Ms. Naz Beykan, a representative of IFC made a detailed introduction and demonstration of the certification tool. The event was hosted by Polygraphia Office Center as a part of World Green Building Week 2018.

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