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One click LCA introduction 
17 July 2021


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We are excited to announce that the new Free Embodied Carbon tool – One Click LCA  – is now available in Bulgaria.

The green building councils all around the world are now partners to introduce to the business this amazing tool for lifecycle assessment of construction materials! 

One Click LCA  is free to use, global embodied carbon software that helps construction industry professionals to calculate and benchmark embodied carbon impacts and material efficiency of your building designs.

Reducing embodied carbon is increasingly important as cities continue to grow and global carbon emissions from building grows with it.

That’s why Bionova Ltd, developers of One Click LCA, have introduced this free tool to tackle the issue at a planetary level.

One Click LCA is available in nine languages and covers the ten most carbon-intensive and significant materials categories in construction. It provides both materials efficiency and embodied carbon metrics at once.

You can learn more about One Click LCA and get free access today at

We recommend that you follow One Click LCA’s LinkedIn page for announcements on upcoming training, events and reports on embodied carbon and life-cycle assessment.

We are proud to be part of this initiative and happy that you joined us!

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