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Arkont - A

Recreate your identity into architecture

The company's activity is engineering and closes the cycle, consisting of the feasibility study and urban development of land, design of public, administrative and residential buildings in these land, consulting, value analysis and author's supervision.


The company has extensive experience working with private, municipal and state contracting authorities on programs implemented through EU financial instruments and mechanisms. She has experience in implementing the law on public procurement in the field of development and investment design and public works, as well as in the field of land-use change. Extensive experience in research and preparation of planning assignments, preparation of tender papers and competition programs, complex design in all phases - spatial planning, detailed development plans, urban concepts, conceptual spatial and functional solutions, preparation of documentation for technical projects, working design with the application of details according to modern leading technologies in the construction industry.


The services of Arcont - A Ltd. are intended for state and local authorities, individuals and legal entities, entrepreneurs and real estate agencies. The main directions in the activity of the company are in:


-investment research and design,

- research and design of development schemes and plans, preparation of SPNUZ to the development plans.

- feasibility studies and complex analyzes for investment realizations and construction opportunities.

- planning assignments for and design of detailed development plans

- planning assignments for and design of investment projects for residential, service and industrial buildings; reconstruction and regeneration.


Main clients and realized plans and researches

Among the clients of Arcont - A Ltd. are Plovdiv Municipality, Asenovgrad Municipality Brezovo Municipality, Dimitrovgrad Municipality, Rhodope Municipality, Maritsa Municipality, Ministry of Transport, NRIC, General Directorate "Civil, Aviation Administration", many companies and private investors.

Membership Program


Some information about membership program and link in  "Learn more" button to the mentioned web post page.

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