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Bulgarian-American Credit Bank

The greenest bank of Bulgaria

BACB is a modern and high-tech institution that meets the ever increasing demands of modern consumers by skillfully adapting to the changing conditions of the banking market and implementing all technological innovations that can benefit its customers.

Bulgarian-American Credit Bank (BACB) offers a full suite of banking products and services to individual and corporate customers at competitive prices and with a high level of service.

The main priorities of the Bank are:

- Environment - promoting not only activities related to environmental protection and the use of renewable energy sources, but also projects and initiatives with a significant social impact in this area.

- Agriculture - in recent years BACB has established itself as one of the most active banks in this sector. It works in cooperation with many clients in the sector, including in the development of organic agriculture and agroecology.

- Green Banking - BACB's mission is focused on providing innovative financial solutions based on three interrelated and interdependent priorities - green banking, social banking, and sustainable banking.  BACB has established its position in the highly competitive banking market in Bulgaria by providing support and financing for various environmental projects.

- Support for Small and Medium Enterprises - The Bank strives to provide favorable financing conditions to micro, small and medium enterprises in the country, taking into account their development plans, offering them modern and flexible solutions.

- Retail Banking - The Bank aims to increase its presence in the retail segment by offering competitive, flexible, digital and innovative products to its customers.

Membership Program


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