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Bulgarian Facility Management Association

A member of the European and International Facility Management associations

The Bulgarian Facility Management Association (BGFMA) is the professional facility management organization of Bulgaria.

BGFMA plays vital role in popularizing and enhancing the prestige of the Facility Manager profession in Bulgaria and Southeast Europe. As an active member of EuroFM and IFMA the Association is an organizer and participant in variety of international events.

BGFMA works closely with central and local governments and has leading role in the development and amendment of laws and regulations, related to the professional facility management of real estate, processes, physical assets and infrastructure.

BGFMA works in synergy with the leading universities in Bulgaria and plays central role in the development of bachelor and master programs for real estate and facility management. The Association provides lecturers and training to the business community also.

BGFMA is a successful partner in a number of international and local projects that focus on improving FM qualifications and upgrading FM competences.

Membership Program


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