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Center for the Study of Democracy

 European public policy institute

The Center for the Study of Democracy is a European public policy institute working on a broad range of policy issues on the European and Trans-Atlantic agenda. Building bridges is the old-fashioned way of bringing together social actors and cementing new alliances. Born as a think tank, CSD has evolved into policy development through dialogue and partnership.

CSD examines policy options and offers policy recommendations in legal format, provides independent, high-level assessments of economic, political, and security risks as well as sector-specific analyses, to empower informed decision-making and strategic planning.

CSD works on decarbonization strategies in Southeast Europe, individual and collective energy choices in the transition to low-carbon economy, energy sector governance, diversification and security. CSD has developed a comparative evaluation framework for the Territorial Just Transition Plans, and made an assessment of the Black Sea offshore potential for wind power generation.

Membership Program


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