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ETEM was founded in 1971 and today is one of the largest and most technologically advanced aluminium extrusion industries in Europe.

The company is the first integrated designer and producer of aluminium systems in Greece and applied the first facade system in a high-rise building, in the early 1970s (Tower of Athens, 103m) With over 50 years of experience and continuous presence in both the design and production of profiles for architectural systems and different industrial applications, the company is committed to serving its customers with value added services and solutions.

Today, ETEM is one of the leading European companies, in the design, development and production of integrated, sustainable, and innovative aluminium architectural solutions, as well as tailor-made industrial profiles.

With more than 50 years of experience and continuous presence in the market, the company is committed to serve its customers with products and services of excellent quality, thus creating and maintaining long-term relationships and its reputation, based on trust, integrity, reliability and innovation.

The ultimate scope of ETEM is to satisfy the need for improving the living experience of the users of our products.

The range of ETEM systems is constantly enriched with innovative solutions, at competitive prices and in top quality. All ETEM systems are tested and certified by accredited International Institutions, meeting the highest requirements, and strictly adhering to quality standards. Using the acknowledged growth drivers as a compass, ETEM evolves and designs its products with the aim to improve the end users’ living standards, following environmentally friendly methods and adequate techniques. Our innovative systems are designed for optimizing the use of raw materials, achieving energy savings throughout their life cycle, significantly reducing the environmental footprint and ensuring the principle of sustainable use of natural resources. Through continuous development in infrastructure, advanced equipment and human resources, ETEM is continuously focused on innovation and creation of advanced energy systems that will combine sustainability and high energy efficiency.

“Our vision is to design, develop and manufacture integrated, sustainable and innovative aluminium architectural systems, by supplying added value products and systems that meet the highest requirements in terms of design, comfort, safety and energy efficiency”

ETEM is committed to continuous improvement in product design and manufacturing practices to provide the best outcome for the human & natural environment, now and in the future. By using recycled raw materials, and various targeted actions, the company defines its environmental footprint and ensures its sustainable development and contribution to the circular economy.


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