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Chamber of Аrchitects in Bulgaria

The Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria (CAB) is the successor of the Chamber of Engineers and Architects, established in 1937. KAB protects nationally and internationally the interests of about 3 700 architects, landscape architects and urban planners working in the field of spatial planning and investment design, taking into account the interests of society.

The main goal of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria is to regulate the activities of architects-designers and to ensure the free choice of designers in conditions of fair competition. CAB has the following goals:

- to defend the high public prestige of the architect-designer;

- to represent its members and to protect their professional rights and interests in accordance with the interests of society;

- to regulate the principles for the professional activity in the architectural design under the conditions of the determined professional ethics;

- not to allow monopoly, unfair competition and unequal position in the choice of designer;

- to protect the intellectual property and copyrights of the architect;

- to maintain a high level of qualification of its members and corresponding quality of the design and consulting services

Membership Program


Some information about membership program and link in  "Learn more" button to the mentioned web post page.

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