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Kontron Bulgaria

A leading provider of comprehensive consulting, outsourcing, systems integration and IT services in Central and Eastern Europe.

Kontron Bulgaria is founded in 1993 and supports its customers and business partners in the successful implementation of digitalization and industrial transformation projects based on an innovative product range. The company is a part of rapidly expanding multinational technology group. Kontron Bulgaria is a single-source provider of services ranging from product development and manufacturing through to implementation and operations. The parent company Kontron AG has an average growth rate of 10% per annum and is listed in the TecDAX and SDAX indices and has more than 6,000 employees in over 30 countries worldwide.


Today, Kontron Bulgaria products and services are already part of solutions for a wide range of vertical markets, including telecommunications, industry, medical technology, transportation, automation and smart energy. Intelligent control and passenger information systems for modern high-speed trains, innovative smart meters and state-of-the-art components for mobile communications networks are just as much part of the product range as reliable technology for respirators and medical diagnostic systems such as computer-aided tomography (CAT) scanners.


Kontron Bulgaria has its finger on the pulse of the booming industrial IoT market in the connectivity sector by delivering pioneering solutions for 5G connectivity and time-sensitive networking (TSN). And with SUSiEtec, Kontron Bulgaria offers its own powerful and highly flexible IoT software framework. With smart technology, artificial intelligence and secure data transfer for applications such as autonomous driving, intelligently controlled production, logistics systems, and smart cities, the Kontron Group plans to further expand its market share in IoT markets that continue to grow exponentially.


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