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Xella Bulgaria

A part of Xella group

XELLA Bulgaria is part of Xella Group!

The subsidiary is part of the Bulgarian market for a quarter of a century and production initially began in the factory in Sofia.


The high-priority directions XELLA is working include energy efficiency, environmental protection and the construction of buildings that provide a high quality of life. YTONG autoclaved aerated concrete is manufactured using entirely natural materials and with the application of zero-waste manufacturing, and it has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) – XELLA’s comprehensive activity is guided by a long-term environmental strategy aimed at limiting our interference with the environment and at the complete elimination of the negative implications arising from it. As a result of the efforts of highly qualified professionals, we have developed construction concepts that protect the environment – ranging from the extraction of raw materials and manufacture to the implementation and operation of the buildings.


The Multipor mineral thermal insulation panels are the only non-flammable thermal insulation material. In the event of a fire, it does not ignite and it does not release smoke or harmful emissions – for people or the environment.

Membership Program


Some information about membership program and link in  "Learn more" button to the mentioned web post page.

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