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Our chairperson Adina Welsh participated in the opening panel of the biggest platform for residential property in Bulgaria - Residential Forum 2024


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On 28 March this year, the City Media Group once again brought together the most influential players in the residential property sector, to focus on urban planning, the market and innovations in the design and delivery of quality residential projects. The forum was opened by the Mayor of Sofia Mr. Vasil Terziev.

As an event partner, we were impressed by the growing number of green projects in the field of residential properties in Bulgaria. The market in our country is increasingly realizing that the benefits of energy and resource efficient homes that are not only for the environment, but also for the health and well-being of their occupants.


Below you can find some highlights from the forum:


"It is in our interest to build the 15 minutes city in 5 years. As a representative of the Bulgarian Green Building Council, I would like to urge the developers to certify residential buildings. In Romania, the total number of certified buildings is 776, most of them residential. It is important for the certified sites to be relieved for their efforts, rather than having the current situation, such as with local taxes and fees, which are higher for a larger investment. At the moment, in Europe, investments in certified apartments are preferred because they have guaranteed energy efficiency, high occupant comfort and much slower depreciation. Certification also gives certainty about the preservation of the market value of the property in the future."


Adina Welsh, BGBC Chairperson


Our members took advantage of the Residential Forum 2024 platform and presented trendy solutions for sustainability and green transformation, products and construction systems that achieve high-end comfort, functionality and aesthetics.


Alexander Tuma, Product Manager of Alukönigstal, introduced us to the system solutions that have been used to implement the Ventisette house, which was awarded the Building of the Year for 2023. The project is the work of the architectural studio Antonium Ltd, who presented in detail the architectural concept and the challenges overcome during its implementation.


SGI Architects were presented by the Managing Partner of the company Arch. Tihomir Kazakov, who talked about one of his current projects and how the architects have overcome the uneven distribution of sunlight and lack of natural ventilation in a property near Vitosha. Arch. Kazakov explained the way the project achieved cost-effective, significantly improved energy efficiency of the residential area by using a panel construction method and optimizing the available space with several separate blocks instead of one.


In conclusion, we would like once again to state our impression that the Residential real estate market becomes more and more greener and environmentally friendly, but still there is much to be improved in the long run, especially in terms of regulations and tax incentives.

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