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Siemens Bulgaria

Siemens Bulgaria („Siemens“ LTD.) is part of Siemens AG – a world technological leader, whose name has been a symbol of high-tech perfection, innovation, high-quality, reliability and sustainability for 175 years.

"Siemens" LTD. operates successfully in industry, infrastructure, energy distribution and smart building technologies. The company employes about 400 people in 4 offices – Sofia (headquarters), Varna, Ruse, and Plovdiv. The corporate structure consists of three business divisions: Smart Infrastructure, Digital Industries, and the European Center for Innovation in Building Technologies which is part of Siemens Global Business Services (GBS).

Smart Infrastructure division offers a full range of innovative solutions for reliable distribution grids and energy automation, monitoring and control of PV parks, building management solutions, fire safety and security systems, and HVAC products for smart buildings. The major focus of Digital Industry division is on digital transformation in industry, automation and boosting the efficiency of production processes. The structure of the division includes two hubs – an Engineering hub in Varna which serves the automotive industry as well as an Order Processing hub for Central and Eastern Europe, located in Sofia.

The third business division of „Siemens“LTD. – European Center for Innovation in Building Technologies works on Siemens projects from all over the world. The projects are focused on building automation and vary from programming/migration at the level of automation, developing graphics for building management systems to commissioning processes for different vertical markets.


Membership Program


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