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Raiffeisen Property Holding International GmbH




Sofia, Bulgaria


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Offices with a green heart

One of the signature business areas in our capital - Expo 2000 office park, besides of having beautiful architecture and being surrounded by greenery is also a high quality performed project with its buildings certified in LEED gold and platinum.

The investor Raiffeisen Property Holding International GmbH is committed to only LEED certified buildings back in 2010 and the Expo 2000 office park is a perfect example of a functional and environment friendly project, offering harmonious combination between comfort and nature.

The Bulgarian Green Building Council led the certification process of one of the main buildings and  achieved the highest level of LEED certification – LEED Platinum.


What does LEED Certification mean?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the most prolific green building certification system originated in the United States. LEED certified buildings have been designed, built and run using strategies aimed at continuously improving performance in energy efficiency, water efficiency and overall CO2 emissions reductions indoor air quality and temperature comfort.


The investor concept is that a project cannot be successful if it is not designed to co-exist organically with its surrounding environment nor can it remain relevant long term if it neglects its social impact. The buildings accommodate 30,000 sqm of offices and are fully let.


The facade of the buildings is made of glass / aluminium construction and equipped with high standard elevators and HVAC system. The office space is designed to allow internal partitioning of every other façade grid (2.5 m) and the ability of heating and cooling at the same time. The premises offer a high standard of modern building management, security card access, optic fibre communication and other high standard interior solutions, dedicated to bringing maximum comfort and a healthy, safe and secure place for the tenants to work and have fun.

The Park also offers different amenities, which give the opportunity for the tenants to be able to perform different activities, besides work: canteen, restaurants, cafes and a huge sports centre nearby. The Office park is surrounded by childcare centers, schools, hotels and one of the best hospitals in the city. The nearby 3 bus lines, 2 tram lines and metro station give fast access to the central part of the city and perfect transport connectivity.

Facade – glass/aluminium construction

Extensive reception area on the Ground Floor

High standard elevators

High standard HVAC system

Heating and cooling are possible at the same time

Modern building management

Automatic garage barrier

Security card access

Intercom / Video surveillance system

Optic fibre communication

Office units height 2.8 m

Open space plan or possible internal partitioning every other façade grid (2.5 m)

Raised floors (20 cm)

Quality antistatic carpet tiles

Standard office lighting

Electricity distribution panel

Individual temperature regulators

Video intercom system

SAT / TV connection socket

Openable windows

Fully equipped kitchenettes

Sun shading and glare protection

Fire protection: smoke detectors, emergency lighting, fire alarm

Floor loading 300 kg/m2

Natural light

Membership Program


Some information about membership program and link in  "Learn more" button to the mentioned web post page.

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