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Level (s)

The European framework for sustainable building

Level(s) is a European framework to help built-environment sector professionals assess and monitor the sustainability performance of buildings. Level(s) is a free, open-source tool enabling building projects to assess, report on and improve their sustainability performance from design until end of life.
Based on existing standards and circularity principles, it uses a small number of indicators to measure carbon, materials, water, health, comfort and climate change impacts. Developed as part of the EU’s green transition towards carbon neutrality, Level(s) provides the bridge between the ambitions of the European Green Deal and the realities of professional building operations. It supports key policy initiatives such as the Circular Economy Action Plan and the Renovation Wave and contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Although Level(s) is not a certification scheme, its simple framework helps schemes speak the same language.
Level(s) establishes a clear set of sustainability priorities for schemes to address, which can bring greater consistency to the certification market. Its common language also facilitates consistent assessment methods, reporting and data comparison between projects and countries.
While Level(s) provides a common reference point at EU level, sustainable building projects may see assessment and certification schemes as key sources of external verification and inspiration at national level. By aligning with Level(s), schemes can therefore play an important role in its implementation across Europe.
Through this, schemes will contribute to EU sustainability goals and keep up with other market leaders who are already aligning themselves with Level(s).

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