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The strategy discussion hub

Young people from all over Europe came together and thought of making a difference - this is when weTHINK. was born. We want to get you motivated and include you in the discussion about all the ideas you have. Take charge and build your future!


weTHINK. is the online network for strategy. Here, the most creative people come together to analyze current challenges and opportunities. We believe in the wisdom of the crowd to solve the challenges we are facing tomorrow. Together we develop solutions and strive for a stronger Europe. Participate or just take a look and get inspired. Together we can make a difference – one idea at a time.


weTHINK. Strategy Development Process…

1 … revolutionizes how strategies are developed for a stronger Europe.

2 … brings together the most influential strategy makers from the industry sectors, ministries, chambers of commerce, industry associations, supply chain companies, municipalities and more.

• In moderated groups on the online crowd knowledge platform weTHINK.

• Moderated bi-monthly working group video calls.

• Two annual conferences.


in order to


2.1 … develop strategies (political and legal environment) in a

2.2 … bottom up approach.

2.3 … map strengths and weaknesses.

2.4 … exchange best practices.

2.5 … develop new business projects between participating


2.6 … conduct online trainings and webinars.

2.7 … conduct consulting.



Existing strategy working groups (bi-monthly meetings and on the weTHINK. platform):


• Water and wastewater.

• Waste circularity (recycling and alternative fuels).

• Educational and knowledge exchange platform for construction.

• BIM in construction.

• Smart cities and smart infrastructure.

• Digitalization in construction.

• Planning, financing and procurement of public infrastructure projects.

• Railway infrastructure asset management.

• Cyber security.

• Energy Transition.

Membership Program


Some information about membership program and link in  "Learn more" button to the mentioned web post page.

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