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Investment projects for the construction of two solar power plants in Kavarna municipality

With a view to increasing the share of electricity production from renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources and supporting the green transition of the Bulgarian economy by building green energy capacity as part of the European Commission's package of measures included in the so-called. "Green deal“, we present to your attention an investment project for the construction of two photovoltaic plants (FVEC) in the village of Bozhurets, Kavarna municipality.

1. Project with a total capacity of 3500 kWp, assignor Vekil properties Ltd., UIC: 200347907, with seat and registered address: Sofia 1000, 25 Khan Kroum street.

2. Project with a total capacity of 3300 kWp, Assignor of the project is Private Equity Trust Management Ltd., UIC: 200301920, with seat and registered address: Sofia 1000, 25 Khan Kroum street.

Both power plants will convert solar radiation into electricity through photovoltaic modules. The projects provide the installation of high-tech and high-efficiency photovoltaic modules

The implementation of both projects will not have a negative impact on human health and does not contradict the regime of the protected area for protection of wild birds PA BG00020097 "White Rocks", therefore both successfully passed the procedure of RIEW - Varna to assess the need for environmental evaluation.

You can familiarize yourselves with the respective decisions of the Regional Inspection of Environment and Waters here:

Decision 48 for Vekil properties Ltd. photovoltaic power plant

Decision 49 for Private Equity Trust photovoltaic power plant

PVGIS-5 Annex 1

The development of the project was provided with the assistance of BGBC.

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