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JUMP HIGH WITH PropTech Bulgaria on the 9th of JUNE 2022!

The Bulgarian Green Building Council is again in the role of a partner of the 3rd edition of the

The event in hybrid format on the 9th of June focuses on:

ᄿ European PropTechs per niches such as: for Real Estate agencies | VR & AR | AECO | Energy Tech solutions.

You'll get information how each of these niche PropTechs are distrubuted across Europe and what the most wide-spread USPs are

ᄿ 3 country panels [Bulgaria, Spain, Slovakia] on PropTech solutions for the Residential asset class. Moreover, we continue our steadfast aim to provide you with insights on how to enter specific European markets. This edition you will get information on the following,

● 30 European countries based on the first and only 2022 European PropTech Report: 30 Countries in Numbers issued in Feb. 2022. See more here. A market research by PropTech Bulgaria. ● BULGARIA | based on the latest Market Intelligence report on the country which 4th edition was released in Feb. 2022. A market research by PropTech Bulgaria. ● HUNGARY in collaboration with PropTech Zoom - Hungary. ● GERMANY in alliance with blackprint - Germany.

See more on Central & South-East European PropTech HERE.

The Conference is also the European BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT forum for PropTech.

As part of the BD package, you have the chance to take advantage of a full set of BD activities such as,

1. Both digital & physical expo. You may have it also either digital, or physical.

2. 1-2-1 meetings with partners and Real Estate developers, asset managers, construction companies, it you are a PropTech, and vice versa, if you are traditional player.

3. If you are a PropTech, we can provide you with insights on how to enter a certain European country market.

4. If you are a Real Estate developer, asset management company, construction company, real estate agency, we can provide you with a list of PropTechs which can serve your needs best.

5. Access to lead generation information prior to and post- the conference.

Thus, we not only provide you with LEADS but support you to convert them into DEALS.

Register here >

Onsite in Sofia & Online in 20+ countries

With the priceless support of the Trade & Economic Relations Office of Bulgaria in Sweden, Finland, Slovenia, and Romania.

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