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New European Bauhaus Funding Opportunities

Dear colleagues,

The Bulgarian green building council is honored to become an official partner of the New European Bauhaus. A huge part of our role as a partner is to disseminate useful information among our network, so that all of us together contribute to make our environment, beautiful, sustainable, ensuring social inclusiveness, moving toward circular economy and finally achieve a better, greener environment for the future generations!

During the previous week the NEB organized series of presentations of various funding opportunities, which the different EU programmes give to the stakeholders, related to faster and better implementation of the Green deal and the NEB goals.

Below you can find the different options with the respective links where you can make yourself familiar with the presentations and get more detailed information. We hope you will find this partnership useful for our network and the given opportunities will reach possible stakeholders among your members and partners!


Support the deployment of lighthouse demonstrators for the New European Bauhaus initiative in the context of Horizon Europe missions

Social and affordable housing district demonstrators (IA)

Strengthening European coordination and exchange for innovation uptake towards sustainability, quality, circularity and social inclusion in the built environment as a contribution to the new European Bauhaus (Built4People)

Cost-effective, sustainable multi-functional and/or prefabricated holistic renovation packages, integrating RES and including re-used and recycled materials (Built4People)

Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE)

Uptake and validation of citizen observations to complement authoritative measurement within the urban environment and boost related citizen engagement

Assessing the socio-politics of nature-based solutions for more inclusive and resilient communities

Worth Partnership Project

Acceleration of the New European Bauhaus start-ups by the EIT

Calls on the digital dimension

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