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The European GBC Network Q2 meeting took place in Stuttgart

ERN Q 2 2023 meeting Stuttgart

The European GBC Network Q2 2023 meeting took place on the 21st and 22nd of June in DGNB headquarters in Stuttgart. This year our main topic was: Cities, municipalities and the urban agenda. The theme has been chosen to match the theme of the Urban Future 2023 conference.

The objectives we followed were:

  1. Build capacity / share knowledge: on how GBCs are collaborating with cities / local authorities

  2. Map GBC resources: and projects on the urban agenda – publish a short summary, create an online collection (eg Wakelet)

  3. Align on strategy: for further collaboration across the European Regional Network (ERN) to increase our impact.

At the evening on the 20th of June all ERN meeting attendees were invited by our hosts to join their DGNB members networking cocktail at Hospitalhof Stuttgart which marked the end of the celebrated Sustainability Day.

The sessions at day one were very helpful - many of our colleagues shared their experience in with their own educational programmes and other interesting topics, expressed their opinions on how our network should develop in the future and exchanged ideas on our cooperation. We all discussed the different challenges and achievements, and compared the results of different approaches in our local activities.

The second day of our meeting was dedicated to our interaction with the cities and BuildingLife National Roadmaps analysis update. Many colleagues presented good examples of increased impact on the urban agenda, successful city network initiatives and other activities to improve the urban environment organized by the GBC’s at a local level. The afternoon workshop sessions were focused on the improvement of our interactions with the city authorities and make our cooperation fruitful and stronger. Presentations were made by Éva Beleznay -GBC Hungary, Paola Colombo - GBC Italy, Raquel Díez- GBC Espana, Jan Kadijk- GBC Netherlands, Emre Ilicali -Türkiye GBC (ÇEDBIK) and Simon McWirther – UKGBC.

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